Automated LIDAR Data Processing, Object Detection & Classification using Machine Learning, resulting in actionable Computer Vision



The YADO-VR algorithms are more accurate at object recognition than humans and these, in turn, will make the roads available to fully autonomous and connected vehicles for they allow detection & classification of multiple objects, improve perception, reduce power consumption and enable identification and prediction of actions.




To End Users YaDo-VR is a great platform to rapidly process LIDAR data into stunning 3D imagery for a wide range of applications such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, True 3D, Gaming and Industries.



LiDAR can be used for a lot more than an inventory of assets. Yado-VR allows for sharing the powerful LIDAR data everyone who needs it. We make LiDAR data available to everyone through mapping, and people are able to more efficiently do their jobs. Anybody who has a browser, anybody who has a computer can do analysis.

YADO-VR, Capturing Reality Through automated LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging ) data processing

Enable Recognition and Prediction of Actions for connected devices using Machine Learning driven Automated Detection and Classification resulting in actionable Computer Vision, giving customers capabilities to experience real life scenarios using cutting edge technology.

Our patented (pending) add- on solutions give unprecedented processing speed, great accuracy (less 5-10 cm) and enormous detail for any object such as traffic signs, lightpoles, trees, roofs and any other object after trained by our solution.

Deutsche Telekom & YADO-VR Low Latency Prototyping

The autonomous car that hangs on the cloud back-end needs solutions for speed. The magic words are low latency. Latency refers to the time needed to access the (required) data. The manufacturers rely on a mix of edge computing (dispersed computer power close to the car), on-board/embedded intelligence and fast network connections such as 5G.

Not only autonomous cars benefit from this speed; it can also be used profitably in development and production. Wherever speed has made it impossible to realize certain services, low latency based on fast networks and edge computing gets services on their feet. Low latency thus opens new doors for opportunities provided by mobile services

At the AutomotiveIT congress, held on March 22 in Berlin, our partner start-ups show what low latency looks like live. Low latency solutions can be used profitably in the production process and while driving the car. Yado-VR gives the car senses and processes LIDAR data in real time.



Whether from airborne LIDAR or drone collected imagery, 3D point clouds have become a critical base mapping layer. YADO-VR provides tools from rapid visualization and derived product generation through advanced features such as automatic ground classification and building footprint extraction.



LIDAR’s high resolution and accuracy has enabled it to be used in the creation of maps. Used in conjunction with aerial photography, LiDAR can assist in road, building and vegetation mapping. The 3D aspect of LiDAR makes it especially suitable for mapping terrain models, including complex mountain topography. Other topographical data can be derived from LiDAR such as high-resolution contour maps.



Create highly actual 3D terrain Maps. Make maintenance of nature manageable by understanding elevation, depth and any object on your terrain. Fit the needs of your course. Target your guests with HD imagery, GPS, and 3D simulation HTC ViVe, Oculus Compatibility



Yado-VR, unleashing the power of LIDAR,  has created numerous powerful algorithms to rapidly process LIDAR data, automation of detection and classification of many objects. Offering our services to other parties has been part of our DNA since day one, and we will continue to do so.

If you are interested in our services, be it LIDAR processing to speed up delivery times, the creation of algorithms, or our full service delivering “ready-to-go” maps, sceneries, or other visualizations, just contact us. We are able to provide knowledge, manpower, consultancy and services in the field of LIDAR processing.