Fast segmentation of point clouds into objects is done in a occupancy grid, classifying the objects on raw 3D point clouds


LIDAR sensor and YaDo-VR software combination, results in 3D object detection, classification and tracking.

YADO-VR Platform

Enables users to quickly produce 3D models of buildings. 3D models are used for navigation purposes, training purposes, urban planning and safety, building maintenance and the fitting of solar panels, for example. The software can automatically generate 95% of the detailed 3D building models, thus reducing production costs and lead time.

Get your  3D Map of any objects, whether this is building, mall, golfcourse, you name it! We use LIDAR data to establish the model, but also can make the model more compelling enriching it in any format as well as adding an additional layer based on data captured through Drone Fly Overs.

Detailed 3D land models help to accurately compute the impact of run-off and flooding in any environment. With 3D maps, we can asses and prevent risk before disasters of any kind happen, plan relief/ evacuation, communicate disasters with community, and compute potential damages.

3D maps can be used for flood management, nature resource reservation, urban planning, (self-driving) navigation, security, training etc. One  use case is to use 3D maps to better visualize and manage cameras. With the 3D maps, we can see the camera coverage.

Consumers enjoy the same benefits as any of our professional customers. 3D maps can be used to visualize your new to be build house, understanding solar panels, security, or just for fun! Once modelled the result can be send to a 3D printer so you have a scaled model of your object!

By combining meteorological data and energy consumption information, we know which buildings are suitable to have solar panels, we (you) provide optimized suggestions based on customer needs, and deliver detailed solar panel installation plans to your customer.

Provide LOD2 models with very precise shape. These detailed models can be used directly for 3D printing. The printed models can be used as gifts or as illustrations. YADO-VR will offer a 3D printing service through one of our partners for quick fulfillment and delivery of your 3D printed model.

Create highly actual 3D terrain Maps. Make maintenance of nature manageable by understanding elevation, depth and any object on your terrain. Fit the needs of your course. Target your guests with HD imagery, GPS, and 3D simulation HTC ViVi, Oculus Compatibility

On top of using LIDAR data, our customers wish their objects photographed. YADO-DRONES likes to intermediate between our customers and you, the Drone Pilot. After the photos are approved, we will use them to create an additional dimension to the model.

YADO-VR THE Driver behind stunning VR, AR, GAMING and True 3D Imagery

YADO-VR provides technology being the driver behind stunning, real life Virtual Reality, Gaming, Augmented Reality and True 3D Imagery.


Our customers get stunning 3D Models of their objects, whether this is a building, mall, golfcourse, you name it! We use LIDAR data to establish the model.


Explore your 3D imagery using Virtual reality headsets to understand the dynamics of your visualized objects. We provide interfaces to todays popular headsets.


Using YaDo-VR solution, we can create highly realistic 3D city-, urban and landscape imagery. We provide concepts, including design, analysis, and visualization.

Get your 3D Imagery in any format you desire! And enrich it in AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Unreal Engine, Unity, CityEngine and so on. The models can be exported to any common used format, like .shp, .dxf, .kml, . vrml, .x3d, .citygml etc.


We create accurate 3D Maps for soil, floodplans, as well as maps for identifying natural resources


We create accurate 3D Maps for soil, floodplans, as well as maps for identifying natural resources. With LIDAR we are able to see what is beneath foliage in order to identify resources


Understanding landslides, geologic while planning new gas and oil fields, but also managing inventory of assets required to manage oil and gas fields


Precision farming is not only practiced on large farms, but on farms of any size, and 3D maps can play a big role.


In certain countries, like the Netherlands, management of coastal zones is imperative due to the ever rising sea level. Also think of the impact LIDAR can have on ports, canals, rivers and so on


Think about how our intelligence can be used for designing recreative landscapes, lakes, racetracks, golfcourses etc..


3D Maps being used for Flight Simulation, Pilot training while understanding obstacles etc


Key to managing nowadays harbors and ports is to know the strength of quay equipment, but also the see below foliage. LIDAR can help understand the infrastructure


Understand the impact of placing broadcasting towers, antennas, satellite dishes and other means of communication in order to achieve the highest output


Before building constructions, 3D Maps will help you plan, understanding the environmental dynamics


Analyze the potential and impact of solar panels, wind turbines or hydroelectric energy using 3D Maps. LIDAR is being used for planning of many different energy initiatives


Driverless Cars rely on actual data. With LIDAR the GPS dependency no longer exists, and allows for the most actual maps when navigating