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YADO, LIDAR Processing Platform Driven by Machine Learning

Patent Pending Detection and Classification of Objects found in LIDAR Data, Driven by Artificial Intelligence


The complete LIDAR processing platform driven by intelligence


YADO, a software platform capturing reality through automated LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging ) data processing. Our software platform can be deployed locally, on AWS and MobileEdgeX, the first 5G Ready LIDAR solution


Our patented (pending) platform gives unprecedented processing speed, great accuracy (less 5-10 cm) and enormous detail for any object such as traffic signs, light poles, trees, roofs and any other object after trained by our algorithms.


The YADO platform enables recognition and prediction of actions for connected devices (IoT) using Machine Learning driven automated detection and classification power


The near real time processed data, results in actionable Computer Vision, giving customers capabilities to experience real life scenarios using cutting edge technology.


YADO Advantages

LIDAR data processing, and through the YADO platform in particular offers solutions for many applications, including

Lidar and in particular YADO
compelling use cases

Infrastructure to Vehicle Showcase

Proven to process the most complicated LIDAR data sets

Large-Scale Point Cloud Classification Benchmark

3D point cloud classification is an important task with applications in robotics, augmented reality and urban planning. Recent advances in Machine Learning and Computer Vision have proven that complex real-world tasks require large training data sets for classifier training. At the same time, until now there were no data sets for 3D point cloud classification which would be sufficiently rich in both object representations and number of labeled points.

This benchmark closes the gap and provides a large labeled 3D point cloud data set of natural scenes with over 4 billion points in total. It also covers a range of diverse urban scenes: churches, streets, railroad tracks, squares, villages, soccer fields, castles to name just a few. The point clouds we provide are scanned statically with state-of-the-art equipment and contain very fine details. The goal of Semantic3D goal is to help data-demanding methods like deep neural nets to unleash their full power and to learn richer 3D representations than it was ever possible before.

YADO has participated in this benchmark and is proud to say, that with limited funding and limited resources we made it to the TOP 5, using our patent pending algorithms and powerful LIDAR processing platform.

Partner Use Cases

Deutsche Telekom

The autonomous car that hangs on the cloud back-end needs solutions for speed. The magic words are low latency. Latency refers to the time needed to access the (required) data. The manufacturers rely on a mix of edge computing (dispersed computer power close to the car), on-board/embedded intelligence and fast network connections such as 5G.

Not only autonomous cars benefit from this speed; it can also be used profitably in development and production. Wherever speed has made it impossible to realize certain services, low latency based on fast networks and edge computing gets services on their feet. Low latency thus opens new doors for opportunities provided by mobile services

Low latency solutions can be used profitably in the production process and while driving the car. YADO gives the car senses from an infrastructure perspective and processes LIDAR data in near real time, maximizing the power of 5G. Proud to say that YADO is the first company who has fully deployed its platform on MobileEdgeX, which is powering the world’s first public mobile edge network with live developer use cases. This is the first time tier one private mobile infrastructure is directly available to 3rd party application developers and device makers.

YADO is a partner of Deutsche Telekom and MobileEdgeX, and its propositions like Smart City, Infrastructure to Vehicle are actively being promoted by Deutsche Telekom.


YADO, Digital Eyes Driven By LIDAR Artifical Intelligence